Natalie Lue Slammed by the Media

I’m sure by now you what a huge fan of Natalie Lue’s (NML) I am. I have reviewed her book and mentioned Baggage Reclaim in my posts on several occasions. There’s a very good reason for this. Natalie is my sister from another mother…I’m sure of it. Not only do we have our drama mamas in common, we have both been addicted to emotionally unavailable men.

Natalie chose to write about her experiences with assclowns to help other women who have been or are still in relationships with them. Lord knows, she has helped me more than I can probably express. Not only that, but she has helped my friend, G, who recently got out of her assclown relationship. G and I talk about Natalie’s book, Mr. Unavailable and the Fallback Girl almost daily. When I read Baggage Reclaim in the morning, I share with G. It’s gotten to the point where she asks me, “What does Natalie say?” or says, “It’s just like she says in the book!” Together, with Natalie’s help, we are working our way back to attracting healthy relationships.

Natalie’s journey began “as a platform to share my experiences and insights on dating and relationships, so that I can educate women about Mr Unavailables and empowering themselves to be happier within and be involved in positive relationships. I wanted to ensure that other women didn’t feel alone in this experience because it is frighteningly prevalent.”

Hardly a woman out for revenge. And yet, that’s exactly what Natalie has been called. Natalie hesitantly agreed to an interview with Laura Topham, a journalist for The Daily Mail. Hesitantly because Natalie was concerned about being misrepresented. She agreed because she thought it would be good exposure for Baggage Reclaim and her other blogs as well as her ebook.

At the end of a 10 minute phone call, Topham revealed that she just completed the interview. Taken aback, Natalie called Topham back later to make sure the article was not one on revenge and to be sure the blog and ebook would be mentioned. She was told The Daily Mail would only print what she had said about empowering women in their relationships.

She received emails confirming details about her blog and asking her boyfriend and daughter’s names. She declined to provide that information. The next day she was photographed for the article after being asked to wear a skirt or dress because “The Daily Mail likes its women to wear skirts and dresses.”

A week later, Natalie wakes up to this headline, “Don’t get mad, get E-venge!” The article not only portrays Natalie as a woman scorned who got revenge by blogging about her ex, but contains 26 inaccuracies. Twenty six! The blog and ebook are never mentioned. Nor is Natalie’s real purpose for her blog…empowering women.

I jump to Natalie’s defense for two reasons.

First and foremost, she knows what the hell she’s talking about. Her experiences have given her valuable insight into why we, yes me included, choose men who are wrong for them, not just once but time and time again. She uses her insight to help us break those patterns and to discover in ourselves the reasons we attract and are attracted to assclowns. Her book was one of the most powerful resources I had in my journey to attract healthy relationships. Reading it, I felt as if she wrote it for me. It gives me strength, it gives me sanity, and it gives me hope.

Second, as bloggers we all run the risk of just such a thing happening to us. Those of us who blog about dating and relationships tend to blog about very personal experiences. Experiences we are not alone in. There is always a risk that, despite our best intentions, someone somewhere will be slighted or offended and that could lead us all down a very similar path.

I blog for the same reasons as Natalie…to help other women out there in the dating world find the love they are looking for through my own experiences. Though I share details about my dates and relationships, it is not out of revenge or to call anyone out. It is simply to help other women and to help myself. I take responsibility for my past and for my relationships and, through my blog, I am learning what it I need to grow and heal. I don’t want to see that threatened.

Please support Natalie in any way that you can whether it’s through leaving a comment here or writing a post of your own.

You can read Natalie’s response on her blog Tired of Men. In “The Daily Mail Newspaper Tells Everyone I Blog for E-venge,” Natalie defends herself and counters the article and on Baggage Reclaim with “This blog is about empowerment, NOT E-venge!

Also, be sure to read “How The Daily Mail misrepresented, lied to and mislead blogger and author Natalie Lue” on DollyMix, a site that Natalie regularly contributes to.

(Photo used with permission of Natalie Lue)


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